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Patient Attendance Procedure

The purpose of this document is to help our practice plan the patient journey from the moment the patient arrives outside of the practice to the point where they exit the building. Familiarisation with this procedure will allow the practice to communicate with patients, set expectations regarding the patient journey and reduce the risk of transmission within the practice environment. This procedure, once finalised, will be communicated to the patient via the practice website.


  • Respiratory pathway patients should use the toilet before attending the practice
  • Respiratory pathway patients should bring their own pen (if they will need to sign paper forms)
  • The patient should attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if absolutely necessary
  • Respiratory patients are asked to wear surgical facemasks (Type II or Type IIR) (where clinically tolerated) which is provided if necessary
  • If the patient requires a chaperone, they should be advised of the practice policy on chaperones
  • We will screen patients when sending their reminder email and reminder text and there will also be a sign on the front door asking patients to contact the practice if they have any symptoms of a respiratory infection.  If a patient is categorised in the respiratory pathway and their treatment cannot not be deferred, they will be seen at the practice at a time or place separate from other patients
  • The patient should use hand sanitiser when entering the building from the PPE station inside the front door.  There are also various other hand hygiene stations situated in public areas inside the practice
  • Any patient belongings should be placed in a designated area in the surgery which will be disinfected after use